General terms and conditions

Vydáno 26. 2. 2014

General terms and conditions

Commercial terms and condition of company Asiana, spol. s r.o.


1. Introductory provisions


1.1. Those commercial terms and conditions govern rights and duties of a Traveler and company ASIANA, spool. s r.o., IČ 49704362, based in Prague, Velflíkova 8, 160 00, which is enlisted in Register of Companies administered by the City court in Prague, section C, rider 22489 (the “Asiana”) while making the contract about air transfer of passengers and about providing related services (the “Contract”), which a Traveler contracts with a Carrier or with a Provider of a Service/Operator by means of Asiana.


1.2. Those terms and conditions do not govern rights and duties of a Traveler and Carrier or a Provider of a service/Operator while carrying out air transport of passengers (the “Transport”) and while providing accompanying services. Aforesaid relation is governed by the agreement and respective terms and conditions of a particular Carrier or a Provider of a service/Operator.


1.3. “Traveler” is any natural person who shows interest to sign a Contract with a Carrier or a Provider of a service/Operator by means of Asiana.


1.4. “Carrier” is a company, which carries out the act of Transportation and/or provides accompanying services. Carrier can also be other then a member of IATA (International Air Travel Association) based in Montreal, Canada with a branch in Czech republic: Smetanovo nábřeží 4, 110 00 Praha 1. “Provider of a service/Operator” is a company, which provides services related to traveling (hotel, hotel chain, rent-a-car company, online booking system, boat or rail company, insurance company, etc.).


1.5. Asiana is the approved agent for selling air tickets and accompanying services of companies that carry out Transport or provide accommodation, renting a car or providing other affiliated services. Asiana is also approved to sell air tickets of Carriers, which are not members of Internation Air Transport Association. Demonstrative list of Carriers can be found on Asiana’s websites and Asiana is entitled to accept financial means from Travelers as settlements for Transport or accompanying travel services.


2. The way of signing the Contract about air transport of passengers


2.1. Asiana offers a Traveler the possibility to sign a Contract with a chosen Carrier or Provider of a service/Operator. Contract is related to air transport of passengers or providing affiliated travel services solely based on those commercial terms and conditions valid at the moment of signing of this Contract.


2.2. A Travel can make a booking of air ticket or accompanying services by the following possibilities:

          a) by means of on-line booking using the internet sites:


          b) be means of phone, fax or electronic mail

          c) in person on one of Asiana’s branches


2.3. Traveler has a right to choose a channel of booking described in paragraph 2.2. By creating a booking Traveler thereby explicitly agrees with the bellow mentioned way of signing the Contract.


3. Signing the Contract along with On-line booking


3.1. By creating a booking through the on-line booking engine, a Traveler is committing itself to an order of Transport or affiliated services and unconditionally agrees with those Terms and Conditions. After receiving an order, and eventual confirmation from the Carrier or Provider of a service/Operator (in case it is compulsory by Terms and Conditions of a Carrier), a confirmation email is send by Asiana to a Traveler to an address provided during a booking. This confirmation email contains information about ordered Transport, Carrier or Provider of a service/Operator, affiliated services and price.


3.2. Traveler understands that until the price of an air ticket or other services is payed, the booking of air tickets or other services is not confirmed and also their prices are subject to a change. Available ways of payment depend on point in time until which issue of an air ticket or a voucher for an other service is due. The actual time limit for payment of travel services is being set for a particular price tariff by a Carrier or a Provider of a service/Operator.


3.3. The agreement is considered signed at the moment of Traveler’s payment after verifying the validity and price of an air ticket booking or other services booked through Asiana. By signing the Contract a Traveler confirms that s/he received all appropriate information (including cancelation and reclaiming fees) and handed over needed documents. By making payment is considered the moment when the appropriate sum is reimbursed to Asiana in person at one Asiana’s cashier desk or by transferring funds to Asiana’s bank account. Traveler is required to